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But yea, those darned men and their spread legs are oppressing you.

When I would use the bus in high school, I would do this because I didn’t want some creep sitting next to me. That’s something both my parents taught me to do; always sit by yourself unless you have a friend with you. It’s not being a “seat hog,” it’s being safe. And if you’re really going to get that anal about it then just ask them to put the bag down.

Really? So couldn’t you say that when a man spreads his legs on the subway, he’s just making sure nobody unfriendly or creepy sits by him?

But no, it’s oppressive when a man does it.

Also, I thought feminists believed solving problems this way was incorrect, since that means the creep will just sit next to someone else, using the logic from the “teach men not to rape” group.


Most feminists only use their own logic when it benefits them.

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Under scrutiny from people asking her to show pictures of the supposed ‘sexual harassment’ Anita received, she responds with this. This is clearly a fake. 

  • The last tweet is listed as 12 seconds ago
  • She is not logged in
  • These tweets and the account are now deleted dispute how quickly she seemed to know this guy was posting
  • Default profile picture
  • What kind of person harasses somebody like that under their real name? You would have to be really dumb to do that. 
  • She didn’t call the police or even remotley open in investigation dispite this person ‘supposedly’ knowing her parents address.

This is absolutly inexcusable, and needs to be talked about. 

Capp did a pretty good job covering the big, glaring oddities about this. Simply put, it’s fishy as hell, but let’s look a little closer.

Firstly, the obsession with violent sex and rape from this Kevin Dobson person. If you haven’t noticed, Anita has a bizarre fixation on these things. She’s talked about it in several of her videos, bemoaning the sexualization of women, even when dead. This was escalated in the first part of her Women as Background Decoration video where she goes on a disturbing tangent about the sexual thrill she insists male players are supposed to get from killing a female NPC and then manipulating and dragging the corpse around, having your way with it.

Her talk of rape and sexual violence follows a similar line of reasoning, with Anita looking far too closely and making far too many assumptions about designer intent and what players are supposed to feel. She believes that and and all the rape, physical abuse, and sexual violence that happens in some games is meant to be erotic and titillating to players.

In short, she’s a crazy person who is obsessed with female corpses and the idea that men getting their jollies off to abusing and violating women. 

Let’s create a hypothetical situation where Anita makes a fake twitter persona to act as her boogeyman to make her seem sympathetic again. What do you think she’d type? Well, the simplest answer is that she’d type what she thinks a hateful, rapey, death-threat gamer would send her. Sexually charge rape and death threats with insane graphic imagery, like drinking blood out of her vagina after ripping it open, with just a touch of personal information that no one else would have access to, like her parent’s address, just to make it seem more legit.

Note how fake doxxings never reveal things like their current phone number, the office or building they work at, pictures of their homes, social security numbers, bank account numbers, credit card information, or really anything that would be actually threatening.

No one has ever cared about Anita’s parents or ever directly threatened her. There have been mean things said to her, but never anything along these lines. The hyper violent sexual and direct tone of the tweets seem hyperbolic, as if the writer didn’t actually know what was truly threatening and what was ridiculous, because they didn’t actually have any sinister intent behind them.

The real kicker here is that this whole death threat scenario is proceeded by [this tweet] where some idiot calls her a bunch of nasty things on a throwaway email again, with an IP address that links back to [a proxy].

And then [this tweet] ”But this harassment of women in tech must stop!” As if Anita is now part of the tech industry and she’s being harassed for being a female computer engineer…

And then followed by [this tweet], which is asking for donations to her totally legal charity which allows her to keep any donations private and not disclose her earnings for Feminist Frequency.. Which is not a foundation or a public service or really much of anything, other than Anita’s personal  bankroll for producing youtube videos every 2 to 6 months.

And all of this on the tail end of the Quinnspiracy, which pretty much ignored her entirely. She was involved in a loose sort of way, but no one really cared about her.. However, it did get Zoe Quinn a few thousand dollars extra per month through Patreon out of sympathy. Sound familiar? Sarkeesian did the same shit. She got harassed, broadcasted it, drove up donations and sympathy, and rode the e-fame train for a while, telling her harrowing story of being bullied on the internet.

On the same day that she posts the alleged death threats, [The Raw Story] is reporting on the incident, echoing similar articles from several years ago. Just the usual shit of “LOOK AT THIS POOR WOMAN WHO NEEDS YOUR MONEY AND SYMPATHY BECAUSE GAMERS ARE MISOGYNISTS!”

So what happens when a bunch of shit involving women, gamers, and pity money starts happening and Anita isn’t at the center of it? She manufactures some new harassment and threats and says “by the way! You can totally give me more money!”

In conclusion, this shit is probably fake because Anita is a goddamned crazy person. If not Anita herself, one of her supporters or equally crazy feminist zealots probably faked this to try and give Anita more credibility. If true, I sincerely doubt anything will come of it.

I am totally satisfied with this analysis, especially because what he/she said about her posts are incredibly true.

She’s OBSESSED with the concept of male gamers being disgusting pigs, people that do NOTHING but objectify women, rape women, and continue the cycle of rape culture and inequality. Without even considering the amount of women and men who DO NOT view women from these games in this manner, and women and men from video game companies avidly denying her claims of how they do this with the intention to savagely damage women, portray women as weak in games. Which isn’t, for the most part, even true!

She’s PSYCHOTIC, takes her skewed and highly warped views of videogames way too far, and I strongly believe this ‘bully’ is also fake, because he sounds EXACTY like what she thinks scumbag males would say to her. She’s OBSESSED with the concept of women being violated, and that too me is uber creepy.

If someone is LEGITIMATELY being stalked, harassed, and bullied, of course I would be mad, but I’m sorry Egoraptor, you’ve got the wool pulled over your eyes.


4chan is supporting The Fine Young Capitalists

Luckily, women in gaming are getting some good news as well. The good news comes from The Fine Young Capitalists, who report that 4chan is doing good! Today, for the second day in a row, 4chan is the number one contributor in donating money for the Women in Gaming Project. Which, for some reason, needed verification

  • The Fine Young Capitalists’ mission is to create media using under represented labour, for unexplored demographics to fund non-profit organizations.

    We took 5 women who had never designed a video game before and gave them professional concept artists to create their ideal game. We created a prototype and now want the internet to vote on the best game so we can make it and give all the proceeds to charity.” - Who Are The FYC, via Indiegogo

If you have any doubt on which charity they’re going to support, and if those charities can be trusted, then don’t be afraid:

  • That’s the best part! You decide. Anyone who backs this project gets a percentage of the profits to donate to the charity of their choice (This isn’t STOCK or EQUITY), as well as an ability to get a say on how the game will be designed and marketed. The more you’re involved in design the better the game will be; the better the game, the more money it makes for your charity. Plus you get some awesome swag.” - Via their Indiegogo page



This is something tumblr certainly should be talking about and I’m honestly worried about the fact I’ve seen 0 posts about it.

Maybe because it’s in the UK so the america-centric side of tumblr is ignoring it? Or maybe something racial. Either way, you’re letting the victims down by pretending this never happened.

I’ll summarise it for people who don’t have much time to read it : Asian gangs in Yorkshire have been systematically grooming and raping children, the majority of which are young white girls. So far the victim count is at 1400 and could rise. 

Children as young as 11 have been raped by multiple attackers, trafficked to other towns and cities in the north of England, abducted, beaten and intimidated.

This disgusting behaviour has been allowed to go on by people of authority who were afraid that by apprehending the monsters who did this, they would be labelled as a racist.

This is organized, systematic abuse and something needs to be done, why the fuck is nobody talking about this?

BBC has several articles on this. Here is a timeline of events from them.




Here’s the clip from last night’s episode of Girl Meets World where there is a brief discussion of cultural appropriation as part of a lesson about being true to yourself.

In the episode, Riley decides to dress in the harajuku style in order to feel popular and accepted in a group of nerds at her school. When at a spelling bee, her friend and her father confront her with the fact that she actually knows nothing about harajuku culture and doesn’t even know how to spell the name.

While the words “cultural appropriation” aren’t directly said in the scene, I’m really happy with the way the subject is handled and the fact that children watching Disney Channel are being exposed to this. There are still issues with the diversity of actors being casted and use of stereotypes (there were some pretty terrible scenes with a Ukrainian bakery owner in the same episode), but this is a step in the right direction. Yay to the GMW writers!

So let me get this straight

It’s okay for the Japanese to “culturally appropriate” 

European navy uniforms (for schoolgirl fashion especially kogal style and navy lolita)

Hawaiian and california surfer aesthetics (for Mameba fashion)

Blackface and a crude stereotype of American black hip hop and rap (for Ganguro and the aforementioned Mameba fashion)

Victorian English fashion and Rococo Era France for all manner of Lolita fashion

70s British punk aesthetics, and the Union Jack to be worn as personal adornment

The Chinese qipao for Qi Lolita, in which traditional chinese clothing is combined with the petticoats and Mary Janes of Lolita fashion (as well as Korean women’s clothing being used in a similar way)

For Decora to drench themselves in all manner of imported European and American character toys, from Barbie to the Powerpuff Girls to Thomas the Tank Engine to Betty Boop 

For fairy kei and mori girls to deliberately cultivate the image of a girl lost in the woods, by wearing clothing and jewellery inspired by European Roma clothing and European fairy tales, such as the Brothers Grimm? 

For all of these fashion subcultures to be so obsessed with the British designer Vivienne Westwood, that you could play a drinking game when you see someone in FRUITS wearing one of her designs, and that Japan is Westwood’s most important market outside of the UK, and her website can be found in both English and Japanese?  How about the fact that many manga-kas who are contributers to the Harajuku styles such as Ai Yazawa, Kaori Yuki and Mitsukazu Mihara are unabashed anglophiles?  Ai Yazawa’s comics are full of shout-outs to two of her favourite things, Vivienne Westwood and the Sex Pistols, and many of the characters dream of fleeing Tokyo to study fashion in London. 

That in the 80s, one of the most popular street styles was “American Casual” in which teenagers went out of their way to make themselves look like extras in West Side Story or Grease, and tripped around the Pedestrian Heaven doing the peppermint twist and worshipping Elvis and James Dean and Marilyn Monroe?

Are we seriously complaining about “culturally appropriating” Harajuku Fashion?  Seriously?  Harajuku fashionitas are the last people on the planet who get to complain about cultural appropriation.  If you want to play the “omg she doesn’t even know how to spell its name” then why is it all right to name a fashion style after a book about a child molester simply because someone liked the word and had never read the book?  Are we seriously trying to say Japanese street fashion is somehow something holy and sacred?  I’m pretty sure most of the punks scampering around Harajuku draped in rosary beads and crucifixes are not Christians. 

Damn Poppy, this is better than my analysis of the episode.

- Purple

If Britain were a U.S. state, it would be the second-poorest, behind Alabama and before Mississippi



oh hohohohoho

Ah anyway some other fun completely 100% unrelated links that have absolutely nothing to with the above at all whatsoever in anyway

UK being destroyed by diversity, multiculturalism and political correctness

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

UK man accused of racism for tackling a “PoC” mugger

Child rapists avoid jail by saying sorry to their victims

War Vet Was Warned Waffle House Not Safe For White, Gets Beaten, Needs Brain Surgery. Police say this was not a hate crime.



Clarion Ledger
NY Daily News
The Blaze
CBS Houston
USA Today


  • 2 white men want to eat at Waffle House
  • The white men are Ralph Weems, a Marine and Iraq Veteran and his friend David Knighten who is an Air Force Veteran who served in Afghanistan
  • Man in parking lot suggested they go elsewhere
  • Said the black men inside were angry over the Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson and that it may not be a safe place for white people
  • The two men go inside to eat
  • After entering an argument broke out and olice were called
  • They cant do anything
  • They decide to leave to eat elsewhere, end up going to Huddle House to eat
  • A group of 20 black men from Waffle House followed them to parking lot of Huddle House
  • The 2 men try to calm the angry mob but it doesnt work
  • They get attacked and beaten
  • Knighten gets taken to the ground and kicked repeatedly and suffers minor fractures and cuts
  • Weems gets attacked much more severely, close to death and ends up needing brain surgery and was put in induced coma by doctors
  • Racial remarks where yelled by the black crowd towards the white men during the beating
  • Police show up after crowd leaves


Quote from the police chief Tim Brinkley

"This does not appear to be a hate crime"

Oh and its currently  being looked at as just an aggravated assault.

I want to go with a group of 20 white men and beat 2 black guys, one near death, while calling them filthy niggers or something and see what happens. How fast would we end up on every news channel and website and on everyone twitter and facebook feeds?

Shit, I can punch a black guy for saying something stupid to me and he can cry about hate crimes but if he hit me for the same reason, I couldnt. Even if the punch had nothing to do with hating him for his color. How stupid. Same for jews gays or anyone not a straight white male. Hell I can go in a mosque and say some offensive Muslim joke and get a hate crime charge if they wanted to go that route, but I or anyone can go on tv or at a comedy club and bash Christians or Mormons and nothing, just a big laugh.

>white privilege
>cant be racist against whites
>there is no such thing as race but whites are the most evil race
>even though there is no such thing as race, all races are equal but whites are worse and more evil

Seriously messed up.  And we’re expected to apologize for being white because, well, white privilege or some other kind of nonsense.  

As a Native American-Mexican, White Guilt is bullshit.

White Privilege is a thing, but not as much a thing as SJWs say it is.

Of course, seeing as this is Tumblr, this wont get over 2,000 notes.






We dare you to say we don’t live in a rape culture.

Amazingly, not The Onion:

“[W]e now have young men telling Bloomberg News that they basically view their female peers as rape bombs just waiting to explode and ruin their lives.”




i swear to god youre all idiots. did you even read the fucking article?

first of all no. we do not live in a rape culture.

  Rape has actually decreased by over 80% since 1979, despite an increase in the willingness of victims in reporting it, and an increase in the overall number of rapes that were reported at allprior to discovery.   The “1 in 3/4 women” “statistic” being passed around on places like Tumblr is hilariously FALSE.  Female scholars and other journalistshave written off the concept as nothing more than a form of mass hysteria.   The leading organization devoted to helping victims of rape discourages the notion from being taught on college campuses, as it tries to take blame off of the actual rapist, and place it onto some poorly-defined, imaginary boogeyman. 

so now that we’ve put that myth to rest lets actually look at some of the stuff in this article.

Last year, a study presented at the annual meeting of the American Sociological Association found that less than 30 percent of college students had more than one partner in the previous year.

now i dont know about you but one lay a year isnt really enough for me. shit if i dont have sex at least once a month i get moody. 

this article is criticizing a Bloomberg piece about mens fear of being falseley accused as rapists. which by the way is a very realistic fear.

Men who are accused of rape on a University campus can have their right of due process and trial by a jury of their peers stripped from them. In place of it, they can then be “convicted” by the university if the investigating body believes there is a 50.0001% chance that the man committed the rape.

In addition, the accused is not allowed to seek any outside legal counsel, also taking away his right to an attorney. what this means is that men are literally stripped of constitutional rights to an actual investigation and can have their entire life ruined just because some dumbass sorority girl falsely accused them. and lets be real here who do you think they’re gonna side with? thats right. the girl. nobody’s gonna side with a college guy. people already think they’re the scum of the earth right? and now they’ve got some poor girl with crocodile tears enforcing that belief. that guy is pretty much fucked.

Pollack said a patient recently told him about making out with a girl at a party. Things were going fine, the student said, when suddenly a vision of his school’s disciplinary board flew into his head.

“‘I want to go to law school or medical school after this,’” Pollack said, recounting the student’s comments. “‘I said to her, it’s been nice seeing you.’”

basically what this dude is saying is that he’s scared of even kissing a girl because she might report him for sexual assault if he hurts her feelings.

Earlier in the piece, Gill said he no longer offered female classmates beer at parties because he doesn’t want to “look like a predator … it’s a little bit of a blurred line.”

this dude wont even offer people beer at parties because girls automatically assume guys are rapists. 

and this article up here. all its doing is basically spouting nonsense saying that men are blaming rape on the victim. but thats not whats happening. MEN ARE JUST SCARD TO HAVE THEIR FUCKING LIVES RUINED FOR SOMETHING THEY NEVER DID.

and all of you fucking bought it. you just bit the hook and reblogged it without even reading the fucking thing so that you could laugh at an injustice men face. i mean its bad enough that we dont even have fucking rape legislation. and on top of that we have our constitutional rights taken  away by our college just so they can ruin our lives based on a rumor. and all you’ve done is make fun of it. 

fuck your erasure of anything that isn’t all about women.

fuck your political ignorance.

fuck this article,

and fuck you.


"Most of the straw man SJWs on this site are trolls"

Yes. 50,000 trolls got together and reblogged something from a URL with “misandry” in it and reblogged/liked a post that said white men (who are capable of mental illness, eating disorders, and being rape and assaulted) are horrible, useless people. It’s weird how when some one points out how ludicrous your ideology is that you need to point the blame at trolls instead of disagreeing with what is being said

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