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"A new study shows that men are threatened by confident women taking pictures of themselves, and call these women stupid, socially inept, and ugly. In other news, the world is round, the sky is blue, and the patriarchy is still shitty."

Guess what though, that study only had women and teen girls as their subject pool. So it’s women who are hating on women for posting sexy selfies. Good job assuming it’s men though.

no need to use sources, they believe in patriarchy, they clearly dont read.

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Okay, so you know how feminists like to insist that the movement is about equality, not women, and how they like to claim that the dictionary says feminism is about equality?

It doesn’t. Not the Google result for “define:feminism”. Not the site summary for, or /r/Feminism, or Wikipedia, the OED, Webster, or

Every single one says it’s about women’s rights. Equality is at best a justification.

The closest is Webster’s, which, curiously, draws a clear distinction between feminism as a belief in equality, and feminism as a movement for women.

Feminism, you create your own “Beauty Standards” everytime you apply that make up you claim is so oppressive. There is no man holding a .22 to your head saying “Put on the fucking lip gloss, bitch!”


Yeah but then men won’t like us cause they’re shallow. But wait, I only wear makeup for myself. Hold on, but then that means I can’t turn it around on men. Then that would mean that I care what men think about me?! But men are scum and oppressors! My brain and ego can’t take this. The patriarchy has confused me. This is why I need feminism.

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thebatrnan asked:

Maybe they don't like annoying crinkly plastic sounds. Maybe they don't want to think about suffocation by a plastic bag. Maybe you're transphobic. That's not a maybe, you're actually transphobic. If you're a wannabe philosopher, think up a better way to look at life.









So what? If you can’t take the sound off plastic bag than you’re pretty laughable.

How is calling someone what they look like transphobic. Just because it hurt your feelings doesn’t mean it’s ‘x’phobic.

Props for being the only one with enough balls to go off anon though.


>makes violent threats

>tags it ‘violence t’

You people amaze me.

i love making violent threats to transphobic people but ill still tag it because im not an asshole like you

>I love making violent threats

>I’m not an asshole

Spoiler: Making violent threats to anyone just because you don’t like them is unconditionally an asshole move. How are you this delusional?

LOL!!!!!!!!!! you can’t take a threat from a 14 year old girl?? what’re you gonna do?? go cry to your mommy?? be my guest

This is beyond embarrassingimage


Why is this so fucking funny. XD




anime of the year 2014. calling it.

this is fucking bullshit. they could have called this “loli pop” and they fucking didn’t. they had an anime where they turned a guy’s dad in to a little girl and they didn’t fucking call it “loli pop” this is so fucking stupid god dammit 

If this anime doesn’t soley consist of a 10 year old girl making an unending string of dad-jokes I will be sorely disappointed.

loli pop?.. well its cute and all but it has nothing to d- OH WHAT THE FUCK MAN, A DAD JOKE ABOUT A DAD ANIME? COME ON. FUCK YOU SNOOP. FUCK YOU. fuckin pop bullshit" - my reaction

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Sources: news article, court database, the posther tumblr, her twitter

Edit: In my advanced search image it shows the West Somerset Magistrates Court but if you look for yourself the court is actually the Weston Super-Mare Magistrates Court and the address is the North Somerset Court House — Dacian Martin is not listed.

And yet here she is, STILL TAKING CREDIT FOR IT.

  • I did a good thing. I am proud to say that. I stepped in when many others would not have. …. I stepped the fuck up.”
  • I’d also like to mention that the chap who ‘debunked’ my original post is on my side. He deleted his blog and apologised to me over a year ago. We went out for a burger to talk it over. We cool.

She says with no proof or photo evidence.

  • tumblr sjw:

    Hi guys! So, I'm an opposexual, it means I'm sexually attracted to the opposite sex. So, since I'm a girl, I'm attracted to boys. And I'm a comfogender, it means I'm comfortable in the gender I was assigned at birth. She/her pronouns, please!

  • Actual LGBTQA person:

    You literally just described a heterosexual and a cisgender person.

  • tumblr sjw:

    Ick, no! Those genders and sexualities have been keeping us LGBTQIPAOCWXYZ people down. They're part of the patriarchy! SMASH THE PATRIARCHY! Can I have a safe space please?








This, ladies and gentlemen, is what you get when you stand up to a man who beats his young girlfriend in public. Not the black eye, not the broken nose, but the sense of being a fucking great human being.

I’m sorry but I don’t think this story is true.

I’d like to believe it’s true! Trust me! I’d love a nice feel good story to make me feel good about the human race, but sadly, there are way too many things wrong with this story.

  1. Either you were headbutted by a man with the smallest head in the world, or a Legoman. Your “black eye” should be swollen, your eyelids should be somewhat closed and your temple on the side of your head should be swollen too. A black eye is a serious thing, man. Your body doesn’t let that slide. I know people who’ve hit their eye and within an afternoon it’s ballooned up.
    The purple around your eye is the most suspicious part. Blood vessels don’t really adhere to one singular colour. There are yellows, reds, violets, and finally, purples. Your black eye looks like a very bad make up job.
  2. You claim that the police got DNA from the headbutt to your nose. I’m not well versed in the practise of forensics, and I bet not a lot of people on Tumblr are, but a few things immediately stand out from your story:
    • Your nose (and in extension, your face) goes through a lot of contaminates every day. Your face is exposed to the elements. Now, say you did have DNA on your face, who’s to say that wouldn’t be rubbed off by the rain? Or the wind? Or when you take off your clothes? How much DNA can you REALLY swab from a headbutt? Don’t you wear make up? Wouldn’t that contaminate it?
    • Why are the police getting a DNA sample if there was a witness right there? Surely a witness is enough to convict this guy? DNA samples are also really expensive, and take a lot of time! Why would they use on you when there are rape cases, murder cases, etc.
    • If you got hit in the nose, and this is my main point, wouldn’t you touch where you’d been hit, and therefore rub the DNA away? I don’t know about you but if I got hit, I would touch where I got hit to protect it. It’s a natural instinct.
  3. Looking at your previous photos, the most jarring thing occurs.


    The top photo is taken merely FIVE DAYS after your broken nose post. Now, I’m pretty sure you’re not Wolverine, and you can’t heal a broken nose within five days.
    As you can see, I’ve placed the broken nose picture over a recent one, and there is honestly no difference in your nose.

    For something so prominent, it looks exactly the same. Where are the bandages? Where are the plasters? You’ve apparently broken your nose! Where’s the medical attention? 

  4. I don’t like the look of your court letter.

    Why is such a serious document scrunched up so much? That’s a legal document that you need to keep hold of in your records, why does it look like you’ve ran it through your pocket a hundred and fifty times?
    There’s also no official seal, and no signature on the document, which means…
    Anyone could’ve written this.
    Fire up Microsoft Word, select Helvetica, and off we go…
    I understand you live in Weston Super Mare, and I know it’s a rough area, but still…

  5. You’ve linked newspaper articles that are related to you.

    But, why are the police appealing for witnesses? If they have his DNA, if the woman in question was right there, if you were right there, they have enough to convict him. That’s two witnesses and straight up DNA evidence, right?
    Then again, the newspapers you’re in aren’t exactly the BBC. You can submit stories to them with little to no evidence.

  6. After talking to my medical student friend, she has the following to say on your “injury”. Please bear in mind that she’s going to become a doctor one day and has far more training that you and I.

    Me: Is that a real black eye?
    Her: No, not at all! It would be swollen. Not as even in colour, they start out red. Her nose is def not broken, she’d probably have two black eyes if it was. Bruises start red because it’s blood pooling, then as the iron in the blood changes it turn bluish black, then green, then yellow 
and not all at the same time - you get varying stages of colour. She wouldn’t even be able to open her eyes if someone headbutted her and broke her nose.

    So, there we go. Someone who will one day look after us all, and reads medical books has deemed this a fake injury, nice one.
  7. But let’s move on from what is, or what isn’t and onto the post itself.

    Look, I get it. You’re a feminist, you want to fight for woman’s rights, you want to take down us men because we rule the world or whatever, but your post reeks of “Women are weak, I just stood up for a woman! I’m a woman! I fight! Men shouldn’t hit women! I sacrificed my body to prove a point!”

    Here’s a much better message you could send to the world:

    “How about no one hits anyone?”

    It’s all well and good saying women shouldn’t hit men, but if Tumblr has taught me anything it’s that gender is entirely fluid and therefore the bodies we find ourselves in may not be the ones that we wanted, and as a consequence, a woman hitting a man may actually be a woman identifying as a man hitting a man and now we’re onto a huge debate onto who is what in what body doing what with who, but let me focus:

    This story is false. The injury isn’t real. I’m highly doubtful of the events in question, and even if they did occur, screwing up your court letter and lying about what the police can do is not the way to make a name for yourself.

    Surely preaching equality through, “Can we all just not hit each other?” Rather than, “Men are pigs and they hit women!” would be a better way to go, but then again, you did put make up on your face and fabricate a whole story…

Holy shitdicks, I’ve just witnessed online detective shiznit.

Everytime I see this post on my dashboard, without the debunking, I make it a goal to find it and reblog it.

i can’t fucking stand people who go to such stupid lengths to fake a story for notes, especially for internet praise like jfc it’s one thing to fake a story because the scenario was funny. But fabricate a whole story to make believe you’re some kind of hero???? fuck u havent ya ever seen Sharktale????

dear followers, here’s the debunking!!

But she’s a “fucking great human being!” She said it herself!

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What a fucking idiot.

Cards Against Humanity, a game thats humor is found in how offensive it is, is too offensive. Let’s make it less offensive because people having fun is triggering.

Oh I got accused of rape, I don’t know I might have raped her, if she says I did. I don’t think I did, tho but I won’t sue for libel because I’m a fucking idiot and think it’s ok for women to be able to so easily destroy a man’s reputation on a whim.

Beta bitches

Stories like this keep me up at night. probably the worst whiteknight shit I have seen so far. I am convinced that male feminists are mentally ill masochists, because jesus christ this man is brainwashed.

I feel sorry for him, and I have no words for the rage I’m feeling. This is a whole new level of pathetic.


looks like I’m printing out the original CaH myself, instead of buying them from a store.








my fucking sides

Eww boys: The Political Party

Another reason to call it the Vagina Cult.

I’m too hungover for this.


Tired of not being able to make your own decisions in life? Try Feminism, where other women will make decisions for you

"But I want to make my own decision-"

Shh, you’ve been brainwashed by something that doesn’t exist

if this is your pussy game (shaming straight women into trying to fuck you) then you deserve to die alone.

So PiV is rape and oppression, and I guess male homosexuality is disgusting and ugly because there are no women in it, or something 

Well, there are radfems out there who think gay guys are misogynistic because they’re trying to take the place of women or some bullshit like that

reminds me of a Lesbian radfem friend of mine getting furious after I brought up “Lesbian Feminism”, and she didn’t know that it was a branch of feminism, not literally any lesbian who is also a feminist.

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